What we do

Website customization

Our websites are tailor made to your personal or company profile.

Web development & design

Internet is as endless as a starry night. Therefore we believe in distinguishing by means of eye catching design.

Search engine optimization

Many promise it: high rankings in Google and other search engines. We don’t promise, we deliver.

Tablet & smart phone ready

Many people watch websites on mobile phones and tablets. We make old and new sites smart phone and tablet ready.

Database development

We develop databases for counting, statistics, rating systems, administration or other matters.

Support & administration

Websites need love and corrections. Databases need maintenance. Mailing lists need updates. Such issues can be outsourced to us.

Personalized newsletters

Personalized, designed newsletters that match your business don’t exist since these have to be made by hand. We specialize in precisely that, and ensure that mailings avoid spamfilters.

Website optimization

Websites can load faster by optimizing the code, and correct old or erroneous scripts. We make sure that sites function optimally and that they are up to date.

Service contracts

Since most individual customers aren’t trained in the technical matters involved with maintaining and updating websites, we offer optional service contracts.

Payment systems

Integrating Paypal, crdit cards, Ideal ecc., is a major source of trouble for many.

It doesn’t have to be, since one telephone call or email to 401www.nl solves these problems. We specialize in payments systems for download or hardware shopping modules.

Online marketing

What if… you are not a trained Facebook fanatic, Twitterer, or Linkedin enthusiast?

In that case: let us take care of Social Media Marketing for you. You are likely to be surprised by the results of the New Age’s ways of communicating.

Brand development

You own a company, a one man business, you are an artist, a singer, or otherwise active.

You have a style, but online you feel trapped in everymen’s HTML templates. We believe in branding. U distinguish yourself with a site and a logo that enables you to profile yourself effectively.